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Portgate Awarded as best mixed use architecture project in Cyprus for 2022

Portgate is a commercial high-rise building in Limassol, Cyprus. As the first imposing building in the vicinity, it is hard to miss, not least because it is grand in structure and brilliant in design. According to Luxury Lifestyle Awards, “we are delighted to award CSS & Associates the title of Best Luxury Mixed Use Architecture for Portgate project in Cyprus, which we believe they fully deserve for their exceptional work on this development. As an awards body, we were greatly impressed by the architecture, creativity and finesse displayed in Portgate.”  


Leading Sustainable Architecture practice in Cyprus-2022

CSS & Associates awarded with Leading Sustainable Architecture Practice, 2022. With over 30 years’ experience in its field, CSS & Associates specialises in combining traditional values, with contemporary design, sustainability and functionality. Company founder, Stelios Stylianides let us into the secrets of the firm’s success.


InBusiness News-Portgate 

Ο Πύργος Portgate είναι μία γέφυρα για την πόλη και την χώρα από τη μεριά του λιμανιού και οι CSS & Associates ήθελαν να αποδώσουν την ένταση της θάλασσας και την κίνηση των κυμάτων στην εμφάνιση του κτιρίου.


CSS & Associates designs the Portgate Tower in Limassol 

CSS & Associates is an architectural firm that demonstrates the harmonious fusion of adaptable living for its clients in connection with their natural surroundings. Winner of Best Luxury Architectural Residential Development in Cyprus by industry experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the dynamic company has recently designed a high-rise building to meet their client's needs for a new corporate headquarters.

CSS & Associates designs the Portgate Tower in Limassol .jpg

Project Cielo 

A Building designed with a minimal contemporary aesthetic which blends harmoniously with the environment

Project Cielo.jpg

CSS & Associates 

Architecture that brings Harmony to Inner and Outer Environment

Architecture that brings Harmony to Inner and Outer Environment.jpg


A building that depicts the vibrancy of the sea and the movement of the waves. 


Urban Strategy for Lemesos’ Center – A Vision for the Future

Identifying and finding solutions to the urban problems. 

Urban Strategy for Lemesos Center.PNG

Art Parkside by CSS & Associates 

Recognized as Best Luxury Architect Residential Development in Cyprus 


SUSREG - Empowering

Sustainable Urban Planning

Stimulate the implementation of sustainable energy by means of capacity building among urban and regional planners. 

SUSREG EMPOWERING SUstainable Urban Planning.PNG

Industry Bar

An old building, with a new purpose keeping its old character, as the old storage is now transformed to the bar named ‘Industry’


Το Θέμα-Ψηλά Κτίρια 

Συνέντευξη με τον κ. Στέλιο Στυλιανίδη για τα ψηλά κτίρια που βρίσκονται στη Λεμεσό 

Bioclimatic Analysis of the Traditional Cypriot House

Bioclimatic Analysis and Optimization, how can we use them in today’s architecture  

Bioclimatic Analysis of the Traditional.jpg

Deco Aspects

Bioclimatic Analysis and Optimization, how can we use them in today’s architecture  

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 9.56.02 AM.png

Luxury Exclusive Edition 2021

Pages 130-145


This Is My City

Interview with Stelios Stylianides

This is my City .jpg

Ήρθε η Ώρα των Συνοικιών

Περιβαλλοντικές Γειτονιές

Ήρθε η Ώρα των Συνοικιών.jpg
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